201MC – Leamington FC – Oxford City Rescheduled

This was the rescheduled game against Oxford City, that was cancelled previously due to bad weather. The bad luck was clearly gone with this shoot, as we believe it was our best so far (Something we seem to say every time we film a new match). This was again a tuesday night game, but this time we knew exactly what to expect, and brought extra batteries and other such things to ensure that if any problems occurred due to the cold temperatures, we would be fully prepared and wouldn’t miss any moments in the game.

This jsut so happened to be Leamington’s best game of the season, recording a 4-0 victory. I believe I am constantly improving my camera operating skills with every game, as it is something that can only come with practice. I now find it much easier to pan and track the ball as it moves with pace, and my zooming and focusing skills are much improved from the first few matches.

We have found that every week we are setting ourselves new and higher standards for the edits, which is a blessing and a curse in itself. It means we are producing brilliant footage that the club is extremely happy with, but it also means that we are falling further and further behind in getting the matches on youtube. This is again also due to the fact that we have other university work that unfortunately has priority over the work placement. This is one of the drawbacks with this module, and we are all sharing the frustration in the way our timetables have been managed. However, we are overcoming this in a very professional way, and are continuing our work.

I am learning more and more ways to use the Sony Z5s, which is a major bonus on my part. I can now say that I can confidently use a professional video camera, as well as a DSLR camera. This is something that will go really well on my CV, and will be good to mention if I ever apply to a media/photography company. I have also begun to streamline my graphics producing process further, in an attempt to catch up with the edits that we are behind with. This is working very well, and I am confident that we will catch up by the end of the season. Below is the match report for this game, along with the highlights and some graphics:



201MC – Leamington FC – Barrow AFC

Another successful day filming for Leamington FC. This game was one of our best yet, without any major failures or problems at all. We considered the weather to be perfect, as the exposure on the cameras could all be set really easily. We are improving all the time with our camera work, and our edits. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from supporters and members of the board, who are all very impressed and sometimes surprised by the quality of our footage.

I have been constantly improving the quality of the graphics that I produce, and I believe they are almost perfect. one problem we have begun to encounter, is that university deadlines and coursework for other modules is hindering our speed in creating the match highlights. This is because we haven’t had enough free time to edit the games in between doing coursework, and so that is slowing us down. We have spoken to the club about this, and they are very understanding on the matter. This is a good boost for us, as we were worried that us getting behind would end up in them dropping us from the job of filming. This is something we had thought might happen, and wouldn’t happen if we were had no other commitments.

This is one of the drawbacks with being at university while doing a work placement. It is very important to balance the workload that I set for myself, and make sure that I can still finish work within deadlines, and still produce high quality match edits for the club. Overall I am definitely improving in all the work I do for this placement, and I am sure that I’ll have learnt some really useful skills for when I leave university.

Below is the match report for this game, the full edit and some graphics:



201MC – Leamington FC – Vauxhall Motors FC

This was our first night game for Leamington, and it came with its own set of challenges. To begin with, the cold weather meant that we had to ensure we were warm enough when out filming, as we would be out there for the entire 90 minutes. We ensured that we had thick coats and hot drinks, which kept us warm enough. The cold also brought with it its own set of problems. A few of the camera batteries began to fail, due to the cold. This meant that we had to rush to swap batteries, and keep the spare ones as warm as possible. This provided some good experience of something that we hadn’t even considered, as none of us had really filmed for a long amount of time in the cold before.

Over we were pleased with the final outcome of the video, and we were constantly improving with our edits and film work every time. I believe my filming skills had improved massively since the start of the season, so much so that I had now moved on to using another Sony Z5, instead of my own camera. This was a great boost to us, because it meant that the cameras could all be set up exactly the same, and gave me another camera that I can for future projects. Here is the match report, full game, and some graphics I created:



201MC – Leamington FC – Stockport County FC

The match against Stockport County would be my second full game filming (as the oxford game was cancelled). To begin with we had problems with the weather and lightning, but not as we had expected. The sun was very bright, and as the cameras were positioned in different parts of the stadium, they had to be set up differently. I found ti difficult to see the LCD screen on my camera due to the glare from the sun, which made tracking the ball at a distance nearly impossible. I did manage to cover the majority of the game, and didn’t miss any key parts. This is something I will have to look into over the course of the next few games, and find a solution to my problem. Here is the match report from this game:


When it came to producing the graphics, I had practiced a lot more in the run-up to the game, and so found it much easier to produce what I needed in a shorter amount of time. The graphics were still taking a very long time to produce however, but most of this is down to processing time which cannot be improved due to hardware limitations in my laptop. This is something that we will have to take into account as a team, as we’re combining our skills together to produce different parts of the project. Below are some of the graphics I produced for this game:

For this game I made some major improvements to my graphics, and made them look much more professional. To begin with I made the substitution graphic much more compact and sleek, as my peers had mentioned that the current graphic was a little too bulky and took up too much space on the screen. I agreed and produced one that’s a lot more professional and smaller. I also created separate replay graphics for each team, so that the replays could be more specific.

Overall I am very pleased with the way my work has developed, and I believe I have improved in software skill and graphic design, which will both be very useful to have on my CV. I still believe I have areas to improve upon, but will only get that with practice. My camera operating skills are still not up to par with my other crew members, and that is something I will try to develop further. I do believe that my organisational skills and time management are improving, especially as I have other work for my course that I must complete in tandem with this proffesional experience. Here is a link to the final finished game:

201MC – Leamington FC – Oxford City FC

Our next scheduled game to film was against Oxford City, but unfortunately the game had to be called off due to terrible weather just after kick off. Even with our gear protected from the rain, it was almost impossible to see any action, and the footage would’ve been pointless. The game was abandoned after 12 minutes.

From this I have learnt that there may be times where we simply cannot complete the task we’ve given ourselves, and that sometimes we will have to think of our own safety over the work we want to produce. The game is planned to be rescheduled at a later date.

201MC – Leamington FC – Harrogate Town FC

The first game we filmed was Leamington vs Harrogate. Because we haven’t been doing the 201 Module since the start of the year, we would only be filming the final 9 home games of the season. Here is the match report for this game:


For our very first, game I believe this went really well. The footage looks how I imagined it would, and their were no major mistakes. The process could have been a lot slicker however, and I believe I need to improve my camera panning skills, as I found it difficult to follow the fast paced game at times. All of the equipment worked as we hoped it would, as we didnt have a back-up solution due to having a limited number of cameras in the loan shop that we could book out, and limited space in my car. This may be something we’ll have to think about in the future, although having three cameras in the first place is a good back-up solution in itself. After the game had finished, the footage was transferred onto a laptop, and I began to plan out the graphics that I would be creating.

Taking inspiration from live football on TV, and other highlights shows such as BBC’s Match Of The Day, I created graphics in a set theme on Adobe After Effects and Photoshop that matched the colours of Leamington’s home kit. These colours are yellow and black, and so the graphics that I have created stand out well against the footage, and fit the theme perfectly. Below are some of the graphics that I created for this game:

I really like how these turned out, and I made sure they looked professional, even if it meant that it took me a while to finish them. This is something I hope to improve on in the next few weeks, by learning shortcuts within the software and getting some kind of rhythm. I plan to be constantly improving the graphics until I believe they’re perfect, which may take a while, but it’ll help me improve my skills using after effects and photoshop. Below is a link to the finished game:

201MC – Leamington Football Club – Initial Plans

Myself and a group of friends were lucky enough to have the opportunity to film home game highlights for Leamington Football Club, to upload on their youtube channel. As the three of us are all interested in football, we thought that this would be a good idea as it would keep us motivated to finish each project. To begin with, we had to contact the club’s Facilities Manager, Kevin Watson, so we knew the dates that we’d have to film. After this was organised, we then had to plan what equipment we were going to take with us.

We decided on having three cameras, one on the halfway line to cover the majority of the game, and two others positioned by each goal to get close ups and replays. This meant that we’d each have to have a camera, tripod and sound recorder so that the footage was all equal. We planned to book out two Sony Z5s from the university’s Media Loan Shop and I would use my own Canon DSLR. This is because I didn’t feel confident using a Z5 as I have never used one before, and thought it would be better to use my own camera that I am familiar with. This did mean that the footage would look slightly different as the angles were changed, but nothing we couldn’t overcome in post production.

As the equipment in the loan shop was often in high demand, we decided to book out all of the equipment we needed in one go, so that we didn’t risk not having any cameras at the last minute. The games would mostly be on a saturday afternoon, and so the equipment had to be booked out on friday and returned on monday, which meant it would test my organisational skills incredibly, because if we were late for a return then we may risk being able to get the equipment out for the following game.

For the edits of the games, I will be in charge of producing graphics to go over the top of the footage, which would include information such as substitutions, the score, goals scored and the scorer, and other useful/important items. This is because I believe I have improved my skills in after effects and photoshop enough to create something that looks really professional, and will augment the video footage in an excellent way.

I believe this project, along with being a substantial number of my minimum 20days of work, will be a great experience in the world of professional media work. It will be a test of punctuality, organisation, professionalism, communication, digital technology skill and critical reflection. Here is the website for Leamington FC: