Experimenting With Squares

Recently I’ve been experimenting with different layouts of images, and how this affects the composition. These images below have been cropped into squares, to see how this affects the image as a whole.

I think the square crop is beneficial for the first two images of the candles and the tunnel, because of the way the subjects are composed in the original shot, it was almost obvious how the image had to be cropped. With the guitarist however, the composition doesn’t quite work, and the image I believe looks less natural.


House of Rosslyn – Kasbah Nightclub Coventry – 25th January

House of Rosslyn are a local Coventry band who I am very good friends with. They let me take photos of their recent gig at the Kasbah Nightclub in Coventry, which at the moment is one of there biggest venues to date. Below are the photos that I took, please take a moment to check out their tracks on Soundcloud (http://www.soundcloud.com/house-of-rosslyn) and catch up with them on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/House.of.Rosslyn) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/HouseOfRosslyn). Enjoy!

Snow In Coventry, January 2013

Here are a collection of images that I have taken of the recent heavy snowfall. I tried to capture some unique images that show how different the landscape can become once covered in snow. Hope you enjoy looking at them!


Here are a few images I took in 2010, of the snow around Christmas time. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the fields and snow around Warwick castle. All taken on an Olympus DSLR. For these images I used higher f stops so that I had a low depth of field, making the foreground and background in focus. I felt this was important because of the lighting conditions on the day. The sun was low in the sky and obscured by clouds meaning that normally it would be quite dark, but because there was a lot of snow, the scenes were all quite bright. This meant that there was a lot of detail in both the foreground and the background that I wanted to capture. Below are my favourite images from that day: