201MC – Leamington FC – Worcester City FC

This game was definitely one of our worst so far, thanks to shoddy equipment. The game began well, even though we had noted that a couple of the tripods were malfunctioning, and may become a problem later on in the game. Without having backup tripods due to lack of space in the car, we were forced to ride these early problems out and hope they didn’t get any worse. Unfortunately they did. The tripod I was using became unusable, and required the attention of all three of us to try and fix it.

The problem was, a small handle that was used to tighten the mount that held the camera had come loose, which was fine until the handle came off completely. This meant that the camera (which was attached to the tripod at the time for safety and security reasons) couldn’t be re-attached to the tripod. This meant that I had to go through the entire second half (45 minutes) using the camera in a hand held fashion. I found this incredibly difficult, as the camera was fairly heavy and bulky, which meant that cramp soon set in, and I found it difficult to constantly follow the game.

I managed to record most of the action however, and thankfully there wasn’t much action during the game that was vital for our edit. The footage in the end didn’t look too bad, and this is an experience that I won’t forget in a hurry. I definitely impressed myself with my inginuity, as there was a point where I thought that I may aswell not film the game, believing the footage would come out very shaky and poor. However we still managed to produce a good highlight video for this game, without any real noticable errors in the footage. The fans and the club were still very happy with our edit, but this is definitely something I will learn from in the future. Sometimes it simply isn’t possible to have a backup for some things, and so I must be prepared for any eventually that I may have to face when filming in the future.

Below you will find the match report and full edit for the game:



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