201MC – Leamington FC – Oxford City Rescheduled

This was the rescheduled game against Oxford City, that was cancelled previously due to bad weather. The bad luck was clearly gone with this shoot, as we believe it was our best so far (Something we seem to say every time we film a new match). This was again a tuesday night game, but this time we knew exactly what to expect, and brought extra batteries and other such things to ensure that if any problems occurred due to the cold temperatures, we would be fully prepared and wouldn’t miss any moments in the game.

This jsut so happened to be Leamington’s best game of the season, recording a 4-0 victory. I believe I am constantly improving my camera operating skills with every game, as it is something that can only come with practice. I now find it much easier to pan and track the ball as it moves with pace, and my zooming and focusing skills are much improved from the first few matches.

We have found that every week we are setting ourselves new and higher standards for the edits, which is a blessing and a curse in itself. It means we are producing brilliant footage that the club is extremely happy with, but it also means that we are falling further and further behind in getting the matches on youtube. This is again also due to the fact that we have other university work that unfortunately has priority over the work placement. This is one of the drawbacks with this module, and we are all sharing the frustration in the way our timetables have been managed. However, we are overcoming this in a very professional way, and are continuing our work.

I am learning more and more ways to use the Sony Z5s, which is a major bonus on my part. I can now say that I can confidently use a professional video camera, as well as a DSLR camera. This is something that will go really well on my CV, and will be good to mention if I ever apply to a media/photography company. I have also begun to streamline my graphics producing process further, in an attempt to catch up with the edits that we are behind with. This is working very well, and I am confident that we will catch up by the end of the season. Below is the match report for this game, along with the highlights and some graphics:



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