201MC – Leamington FC – Boston United

This game had it’s own troubles even before the day of the match. As we have to rely on the Media Loan Shop for all of our gear, we knew that there may come a time where something outside of our control would mean that we had to alter our strategy. This time, we had planned to book out our usual equipment, which contained 3 Sony Z5s. However the student that had booked out the gear before us was well known for not returning items on time, and inevitably our gear wasn’t returned at all on the day we were meant to pick it up. We thought that we would have to call off this match completely, as we thought we wouldn’t have enough cameras for a good edit. However the loan shop came to our aid, and switched our bookings out for some older but still useable cameras, the Sony Z1. This meant that we had 1 Sony Z5 and 2 Z1s, something that we could work with.

At the beginning of the game I was unsure if I would be able to operate the Z1, but with a short training session from my colleague, I was ready to use the camera. The two cameras fortunately were very similar in operation, with only the way it recorded the data being significantly different. we still managed to produce a good edit, however the game itself wasn’t particularly interesting, ending in a 0-0 draw.

I again managed to surprise myself in my ability to adapt quickly to difficult situations, which is something I will add to my list of strengths. Even with cameras that we weren’t used to, we still managed to capture a good edit of the match, and the fans were just as happy with this edit as we were (although not too happy about the result). I now consider my graphcis to be perfect, and have settled on a routine for each game which means that we are definitely catching up with th games that we had fallen behind on.

Below is the match highlights and report:



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