201MC – Leamington FC – Barrow AFC

Another successful day filming for Leamington FC. This game was one of our best yet, without any major failures or problems at all. We considered the weather to be perfect, as the exposure on the cameras could all be set really easily. We are improving all the time with our camera work, and our edits. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from supporters and members of the board, who are all very impressed and sometimes surprised by the quality of our footage.

I have been constantly improving the quality of the graphics that I produce, and I believe they are almost perfect. one problem we have begun to encounter, is that university deadlines and coursework for other modules is hindering our speed in creating the match highlights. This is because we haven’t had enough free time to edit the games in between doing coursework, and so that is slowing us down. We have spoken to the club about this, and they are very understanding on the matter. This is a good boost for us, as we were worried that us getting behind would end up in them dropping us from the job of filming. This is something we had thought might happen, and wouldn’t happen if we were had no other commitments.

This is one of the drawbacks with being at university while doing a work placement. It is very important to balance the workload that I set for myself, and make sure that I can still finish work within deadlines, and still produce high quality match edits for the club. Overall I am definitely improving in all the work I do for this placement, and I am sure that I’ll have learnt some really useful skills for when I leave university.

Below is the match report for this game, the full edit and some graphics:




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