201MC – Leamington FC – Harrogate Town FC

The first game we filmed was Leamington vs Harrogate. Because we haven’t been doing the 201 Module since the start of the year, we would only be filming the final 9 home games of the season. Here is the match report for this game:


For our very first, game I believe this went really well. The footage looks how I imagined it would, and their were no major mistakes. The process could have been a lot slicker however, and I believe I need to improve my camera panning skills, as I found it difficult to follow the fast paced game at times. All of the equipment worked as we hoped it would, as we didnt have a back-up solution due to having a limited number of cameras in the loan shop that we could book out, and limited space in my car. This may be something we’ll have to think about in the future, although having three cameras in the first place is a good back-up solution in itself. After the game had finished, the footage was transferred onto a laptop, and I began to plan out the graphics that I would be creating.

Taking inspiration from live football on TV, and other highlights shows such as BBC’s Match Of The Day, I created graphics in a set theme on Adobe After Effects and Photoshop that matched the colours of Leamington’s home kit. These colours are yellow and black, and so the graphics that I have created stand out well against the footage, and fit the theme perfectly. Below are some of the graphics that I created for this game:

I really like how these turned out, and I made sure they looked professional, even if it meant that it took me a while to finish them. This is something I hope to improve on in the next few weeks, by learning shortcuts within the software and getting some kind of rhythm. I plan to be constantly improving the graphics until I believe they’re perfect, which may take a while, but it’ll help me improve my skills using after effects and photoshop. Below is a link to the finished game:


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