201MC – Video Work – Glitter Shoot

For this module I have decided to do a mix of video work and photography as I believe, in the modern digital age, having the ability to produce good quality video for clients is almost an essential skill. Below is a video that I created, that documents a group of friends doing a photo-shoot for their own projects. I have attempted to make the video as professional as possible to ensure that I keep up a good reputation for future clients. The video is linked below:

To complete this project, I had to rely on my technical camera skills in order to create some interesting and dynamic shots. I planned to create some slow motion shots, which meant that I had to shoot in a high frames per second than normal video, so that it would look smoother when slowed down. For some of the shots however, I accidentally left the camera recording on the high frame rate, which meant that the footage I wanted to show in ‘real time’ didn’t look very professional. This is because motion blur is created when shooting at a slower frame rate, and so without the motion blur the video looked incredibly digital. Here is an example video that explains this effect:

I have now learnt from this mistake, which thankfully I was able to correct in post production. This project was also useful for practicing my framing skills, as this is fairly similar in photography and video in some aspects. Here are some screenshots on the production process:

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 17.55.32 Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 17.54.20

I believe the shoot went really well, and that I have learnt a lot from my video work. The ‘clients’ were very pleased with the final outcome, and I like how it looks professional and interesting. I gained experience in filming slow motion and editing slow motion, which will help me in projects in the future.


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