201MC – Leamington Football Club – Initial Plans

Myself and a group of friends were lucky enough to have the opportunity to film home game highlights for Leamington Football Club, to upload on their youtube channel. As the three of us are all interested in football, we thought that this would be a good idea as it would keep us motivated to finish each project. To begin with, we had to contact the club’s Facilities Manager, Kevin Watson, so we knew the dates that we’d have to film. After this was organised, we then had to plan what equipment we were going to take with us.

We decided on having three cameras, one on the halfway line to cover the majority of the game, and two others positioned by each goal to get close ups and replays. This meant that we’d each have to have a camera, tripod and sound recorder so that the footage was all equal. We planned to book out two Sony Z5s from the university’s Media Loan Shop and I would use my own Canon DSLR. This is because I didn’t feel confident using a Z5 as I have never used one before, and thought it would be better to use my own camera that I am familiar with. This did mean that the footage would look slightly different as the angles were changed, but nothing we couldn’t overcome in post production.

As the equipment in the loan shop was often in high demand, we decided to book out all of the equipment we needed in one go, so that we didn’t risk not having any cameras at the last minute. The games would mostly be on a saturday afternoon, and so the equipment had to be booked out on friday and returned on monday, which meant it would test my organisational skills incredibly, because if we were late for a return then we may risk being able to get the equipment out for the following game.

For the edits of the games, I will be in charge of producing graphics to go over the top of the footage, which would include information such as substitutions, the score, goals scored and the scorer, and other useful/important items. This is because I believe I have improved my skills in after effects and photoshop enough to create something that looks really professional, and will augment the video footage in an excellent way.

I believe this project, along with being a substantial number of my minimum 20days of work, will be a great experience in the world of professional media work. It will be a test of punctuality, organisation, professionalism, communication, digital technology skill and critical reflection. Here is the website for Leamington FC:



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