201MC – ISI Global

My next photographical project, was for Coventry based design company ISI (In-Store Initiatives) Global. The company specialises in designing display stands for product shows and stores, including trade shows. The contact that I spoke with was Nik Strodachs, someone who has been working at the company for many years, and has a lot of experience in the world of business. I spoke with Nik about the brief for the photo-shoot, and what he wanted from the images. The images were intended to go on the companies website that was under construction at the time of the shoot. This meant that the images had to look professional, and stand out in a relatively crowded online space. The shoot would test my skills as a studio photographer, and also my technical abilities as the images would have to be in a specific format and size to work on a website.

The meetings I had with Nik were professional but informal, and I felt confident in my ability to communicate in a professional way. While my photographic skills would be tested in a new and exciting way, my people skills would also be put to the test when communicating with Nik. Overall the shoot would provide me with an extensive exercise in the world of free-lance photography, and would also give me excellent experience to put onto my CV.

My strategy when initially brainstorming the shoot was to engage it with the attitude of a professional freelance photographer. If a freelance photographer fails on a shoot or doesn’t create work that satisfies the client, then their reputation could be irreparably damaged, and may cause a career to succeed or fail. By doing this I put pressure on myself to ensure my images were perfect, and exactly how the client wanted them. I relied on my previous knowledge of the studio and lighting techniques, to re-create the images that the client had in his head and to enterperate them in my own personal way. This would help me to stand out from other freelance photographers, as I would have my own style that potential clients might desire.

Due to copyright laws, the images can be found on my website here:


In summary, I believe this photoshoot went extremely well. It helped me to develop my skills in all areas of professional practice and gave me images that I can add to my portfolio as a freelance photographer. The shoot helped me to develop my people skills when communicating with someone in the media industry, it gave me more practice in my photography skills as I had to build on my skills sessions in the studio from first year, it gave me practice with the technical side of photography as I had to manage multiple lights at once using different flash device, that are prone to malfunction. It also tested my problem solving skills, as some of the objects were missing parts that elevate them when on display. This meant that I had to find creative solutions to prop up certain objects (The Fuji camera for example) so that the item could be photographed as it would look in-store, without the item looking informal. I am very happy with the outcome of this project, and believe it has influenced my future prospects as a freelance photographer greatly.


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