201MC – Initial Plan

For my 201mc module, I had the choice of looking for a placement with a professional company, or to become a freelance photographer. I decided to take the freelance route, as I believe this greatly suits my future ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur in the media industry. By gaining this essential experience, I will not only be preparing myself for a future career but will also improve my CV to a standard that is required by the industry. I accept that becoming an entrepreneur will be a lot of work, and will more than likely be unachievable straight out of uni. To begin with I thought of my options in regards to projects that I could plan myself, and still gain experience in a professional environment. I decided to see if anyone that I knew required any photography or video work, as this would be an easy start and wouldnt require much communication to set up.

My first project was for my friend Johnny Smith, who required headshots for his acting portfolio. This project required a fair few professional skills in order to complete the work to a good standard. To start with I had to organise the equipment to be booked out on the correct day, and for an amount of time that was best suited to the shoot. I decided to book the equipment out for 2 hours, as I didnt want to keep the model waiting long, and it gave me enough time to take the photos that were required. I briefly communicated with the model on what style of photos he required, and he came up with a lot of suggestions and images that he wanted to use as an example. This helped my work immensely, but it may not be the same with other clients, especially people who might not know exactly what they wanted. Because of this, I decided to begin the shoot using poses and styles that I thought of myself and what I thought would best suit the final output images. I then worked through the two hour shoot, and the model was very happy with the finished results. Below are the final images that I took on the day, which were then edited afterwards:

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In summary of this first project I believe it went extremely well, especially as the model was very happy with the results. I believe that it provided a really good starting point for me to work from, and gave me confidence to find more work myself. I learnt that if I want to become a successful free-lance photographer/videographer, then I will have to seek out the work myself, and prove that I have what it takes to compete with others in the same field. Altogether this project gave me 2 days towards my professional experience, 1 day of studio work and another day for editing.


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