263MC: Idea Development

My original idea was to do something interactive, using software such as Isadora. Isadora is used by theatre companies to composite live movement, acting and dance with music, audio and video. Here is a link demonstrating the software:


I also watched a few videos using interactive video and projection, wether it’s on a building or the floor.

I think this is a really good idea, but after attempting to use the Isadora software, I found that it would take me a while to learn the software fully, or at least to a level that I felt confident producing an interesting piece, and so i decided to change my idea.

I decided that my final idea should be on the topic of memory, and after going over my recent research, I have constructed this plan:

The film will attempt to explore how memories and imagination can intertwine, and how sometimes a memory will warp over the years, and the way someone remembers something is different to how it happened. I plan to have one continuous scene that is cut up, and used as a divider for different ‘scenes’ within the film. This divider scene will have a sense of trauma, and would be a bad memory, with the other memories relating to the subject’s life.

The film will have to be longer than 1 minute, as I believe this isn’t long enough to accurately portray the theme of memory. This is because people’s memories are constructed with various parts, and I would require longer than a minute to show a collection of memories.

I plan to create seperate scenes that represent different memories, but cut them up into a surreal-jigsaw style film, as memories are never usually linear. This takes inspiration from the stop-motion videos I have watched, which I am really intrigued by however, I dont want to create something that may have already been done before.

For one of the shots in my film, I wanted to create a really interesting perspective, and so I padding out my camera and dropped it down the middle of a stair case. This created a really interesting video, and is the climactic scene of my film. here is the footage that I created:

I found that the footage I had collected while setting up the shot, could be used as some kind of hostage taking situation, or a mob-style gang murder, and so I decided to make this the central ‘bad memory’ that runs throughout the film.

I really like the perspective this creates, and is a really unique shot to use in my film. I then created a draft video that can be found here:

I liked this initial draft, but some of the scenes didnt seem surreal enough, and so I edited them in a different way, but so each scene was unique to itself. For example I edited the scene with the door to create a more eerie atmosphere, and made the image flicker, displaying the word ‘Run’. This is a reference to how people may run and hide from difficult and scary memories, which is something I wanted to capture. I then altered the scene that contained shots of my face, and created a gradual pixelated effect. This is intended to represent how people have a unique and often distroted view of themselves and how they look. This is something I think i have represented well in my piece. Here is a link to my final video:

I named the video Reverie, as this is a term for day-dreaming, which I liked as it is a reference to how memories can become distorted by our imagination.

Overall I am very pleased with my final outcome. I enjoyed creating it and believe I have created some really thought provoking scenes, and have represented the subject of memory well. If I was to improve the film, I would improve the falling and ‘struggling’ scenes in terms of image quality, and make them clearer as to what was going on. I do like how the shots are confusing and rough however, as this is a good representation of the struggle with difficult memories and fears.

Overall I have enjoyed working on this module, and feel that i have learned a lot about the different forms of narrative within film-making. As I am a photography student, ahving the chance to complete a creative film module has really opened my eyes to the modern world of digital media, and the way this could have an impact on my future career. i am inspired to create visually striking pieces, both in moving image and photography, that challenge people’s emotions and feelings, as well as creating beautiful art pieces.


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