263MC: Experimental Hybrid Forms

I recently watched the trailer for the film Leviathan, which is the story of a fishing trawler off the coast of New England, one of America’s largest fishing ports. The film was created to explore the boundairies between documentary and experimental film, with a lot of the film being recorded on small portable cameras such as GoPro’s. The trailer can be found here:

This new take on documentary is a brilliant way of telling a narrative, by focussing on the sounds and sights of the occasion as compared to the people who work there. It’s a really good way of showing an atmosphere, and provides a unique insight into the hard work the people have to go through.

After searching through vimeo and youtube, I found another example of this experimental documentary style that I do not particularly enjoy. I think the problem with this video is that the music and audio are distracting from the piece, and should maybe include more ambient sounds. The link can be found here:

While I do like the documentary style of filming, I dont think it would appeal for the work that I am creating. I think my ideas are too surreal, and there wouldn’t be enough information or discovery for them to be classed as documentary.




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