263mc: Introduction To Themes

The two themes I have to choose from are Time and Memory, and the brief for the final piece is that it must be 1 minute long. Here are my initial thoughts on the two themes and some possible ideas that I have come up with:


  • A looping video that uses audience interaction to create the narrative. For example a video of a car speeding round a corner, but looping endlessly until the viewer moves into a certain space in the room, and the video will progress to another looping scene.
  • A continuous shot of a location as it progresses from day into night (possibly time-lapse), with audio that attempts to create different feelings. For example a shot of a field from day ot night, with the night scene being eerie/scary, possibly with flashing images/lightning.
  • Montage film of people sitting in a restaurant/fast food chain talking, but cut up in a way that makes their conversations confusing. For example one conversation could be related to another, and give different perspectives on one subject.


  • A repeating sequence that gets longer/shorter each time, so that it seems like the viewer is remembering less and less.
  • A film showing different memories and how they are pieced together. For example someone walking down an alleyway/corridor, with flickering montage style video of different memorable items in the corridor. (Favourite 1)
  • One continuous shot of something slow and tranquil, with random flashes of vivid/loud scenes. For example a camera moving slowly down a corridor, with flashing image of cars driving past quickly or planes overhead. (Favourite 2)

I quite like all of these ideas, and may use these in future films that I create. At the moment my favourite ideas are both to do with memory, and so I will research into the topic of memory in filmmaking to see if I can develop my ideas further.

I think my final video will have to be longer than 1 minute, as I do not believe a minute will be long enough to develop an in-depth narrative, which would reflect the topic of memory in a better way. This is because memory is incredibly complex, and so I would like to create a film that is more complex to reflect this.


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