Research and Development for REST

Rest was the most difficult topic to begin with, because I wanted to avoid the cliché images of people sleeping and other such things. I began by research different forms of digital art, and hoped that I would find something interesting that would inspire me to create something new and unique. I began by re-looking over an old favourite of mine, cinemagraphs. While I have mentioned these styles of images before, I have yet to master the technique and create something that is truly visually striking. Here is a site with a few good examples of cinemagraphs:

After viewing these images, I decided I wanted to find something that was more unique than this, even though these images are relatively new in the world of digital media. I wanted to create something that I believed had never properly been done before. I research a few digital artists on this site:

After looking through these artists and their work, I realised that the world of digital artwork today mostly revolved around Photoshop and other such image manipulation software. I decided to use image manipulation in my project, but still fell short with ideas and concepts from which to develop the idea of Rest. I did some further research and came across something called glitch art:

I particularly liked the work of Andre Andrade:

This is the kind of thing I was looking for, something new that I could explore and create something really unique with. I search more for some examples, and then began testing the process out myself. Here are some of the initial images and .gifs that I created:

I experimented with some images I had taken for a previous project, and managed to create some really interesting pieces. I also experimented with masking, and creating glitched characters within the images. This was something that I could use, that linked well with digital media. I’ve always been interested in the way people have a different, unique ‘digital identity’, and by glitching out the subject in each photo, I’ll be able to represent that in an interesting and artistic way. I find the idea of glicthing, and the way glitching looks to be a constant representation of the theme of digital, and so this idea will link various topics together, and create some really unique looking images.

Here is a link to my final images:

I love how each image without the glitching, is a good representation of Rest. I asked my friend what he thought of Rest, and how that relates to him. he responded by talking about his free-spirited personality, and how someone’s personality really comes out when they’re at rest and doing the things they enjoy. I captured him in various poses around town, most of them being natural photographs instead of posing. I then glitched out the images and masked them over the originals, created gifs between flickering photos being the original scene. This makes for a really interesting set of images. I believe they fit well with the brief of Rest,  and that I have used a technique that is unique to me and is something I haven’t really come across before. To improve these images, I could spend a larger amount of time glicthing the images in a specific way, to get a more personalised look to the images. The process of glitching is very much trial and error, but with a large amount of practice I believe I can manipulate the images in a more precise way.


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