Overall Evaluation

As a whole I am very pleased with the outcome of this module, and I am confident that the pieces I have created are unique and visually appealing. I have enjoyed this module more than previous modules, as I feel that I have completed it with a new set of skills that will help me in the modern world. I also feel like the work I have done can be continued past uni, especially with development of the website. i plan to develop this site further, and make it my permanent place to display my work to potential clients. The ability to create website and manipulate web-based media is a highly sought after commodity in the modern working world, and I believe my new found skills will help me in the world of work.

If I could improve or alter my work in this module, I would probably explore the subject matter more in-depth, by creating more images in each set, and spending a longer amount of time evaluating my progress. By doing this I believe I can improve my work even further, possibly far enough to display within a gallery space for example.

By creating a second digital media blog, it has allowed me to focus more directly on the work specific to the digital media module, which means that my work can relate more to the research as it’s all within one place. I enjoyed creating a seperate blog as the digital media module is something very different to the usual modules I am used to participating in, and so it allowed for a good contrast between my previous work and this current work. By having this seperation, I could see the flaws in my own work, and also learn how to get more people to see my work in the online world.

I believe the area I have improved most in is the html and website design section of this module. To begin with I found the work to be very complicated, and got confused easily by what I now perceive as basic web editing. However I still get easily caught up in the production of my images and pieces, rather than focus on the research and development side of the module. This is an area that I believe I need the most improvement in, especially as this was an area pointed out by my peers in their assessments of my work.


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