Feedback Group Evidence and Comments

As part of this module, we have been working in research/feedback groups so that we can recieve feedback and comments as we produce work. This not only helps us to improve our own work, but helps us to assist others in developing ideas. This is an element in coursework that is often overlooked, as many people including myself tend to get lost in their own work, and need an outsiders perspective to improve and re-evaluate. Here are some screenshots of our research/feedback group conversing on Facebook:

I’ve also received various bits off feedback on wordpress and twitter, which are shown here as screenshots:

We also had a mid-term review presentation session, in which we recieved feedback from peers and from the tutor. Here are some photos of the feedback form that I recieved during this session. The comments read: “Excellent tech research. Great ideas and experimentation, lots more evaluation/reflection and analytical responses required. This is shaping up very well though”.

This may not seem like much feedback, but at the time I was concentrating much more on my images and not on the process behind creating, in terms of research and evaluation. This helped me to slow down and reflect on my images before I carried on creating them. By doing this, I could improve the images I had already produced and fine tune my initial ideas into something much better.


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