Work: Final Images

This project focusses on the lengths everyday people will go to, simply to travel to work. Even in this age of digital media, convergence and social media, a vast number of people travel by air to get to the workplace. The following images show the amount of flights from various airports around the world, in a data visualization form. Each image is created using flights scheduled from 6am to 9am in each city respectively, with the top left box being 6am and the bottom right being 9am. The boxes are spread out depending on how busy they are at certain times. Each small box represents 1 flight, with the larger boxes containing those smaller ones, representing a time of day.

If the image has a large amount of boxes, this means the airport is incredibly busy, but if there’s only a few, it means the airport is relatively quiet. The images are intended to give a rough overview of how many people still travel in this conventional way.


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