Editing CSS in WordPress

As part of our marking criteria for our digital media module, we are required to be able to alter the CSS code in WordPress in a  way that changes the appearance of our blogs. Originally the links on my site were blue, which didn’t particularly match the colour scheme that I intended to have throughout my blog site. I changed the text colour code within the CSS to make the link colour a maroon/red colour. Here are the before and after screenshots of my site:

I have also edited the text and display box size, for the page links. I thought they were too big when all of my pages were linked and so I adjusted the font size and the size of the container boxes. Here are the before and after images:

Blogs can easily be heavily manipulated on a code level, which allows for a lot of personalisation that isn’t always possible in the theme’s customisation options. However adjusting some pieces of code may cause problems for other elements of the site, and can make the page impossible to view. This is a common problem with HTML coding, as many of the parts are linked together within a network or instructions, and so everything has to be perfect to work properly. Editing the CSS allows for more expansive creative control over my blog and website, which can help to make ordinary blogs stand out from others, with WordPress being a great format to develop upon due to its simplicity and vast creative controls.

Despite all the possibilities with customisation, I’ve decided to keep my WordPress separate to my website in terms of design, as I wanted to make the transition from my completed work and my developing work simple and obvious. This si why I chose a brighter colour scheme for my WordPress, which is a good contrast with the monotone scheme of the website.


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