252mc Final Image Ideas

We were given the task of creating a set of images for this Digital Media module. The theme for the task is work, rest and play, with the following guideline:

“The images must be your own work and capture the essence of the module in terms
of ‘digital media’.”

After thinking this topic over for sometime and reviewing some of the module content, I became interested in the technique of Rotoscoping that we covered in one of our lectures. I have created a test piece of footage using this technique, using Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I plan to use this technique to create either:

  • A short video which captures the work, rest and play of one individual throughtout the course of a few days.


  • A series of animated .gif images, with hopefully 10 per category, that represent either work, rest or play respectively.

This method is incredibly time consuming however, but I believe the work put in will be worth it when the final item is complete.


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