30 Second Selfie

An official definition of a selfie is:
a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website:’occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary’

I believe people post selfie’s for various different reasons, be it for vanity or comedy for example. The task we were given was to produced a 30 second selfie that avoided any typical clichés, but was still personal to ourselves. I chose to create a montage/double exposure style video, which is something I’ve been experimenting with in my photography. I’ve layered flickering images of myself taken from someone else’s point of view (which is the opposite of a selfie, as they’re obviously taken by yourself), and layered them over a video of me walking with the street noise in the background. The selfie is intended to represent the trouble I have with sleeping, as I often find myself on social media websites late at night when I am unable to sleep. I think the walking video with the rhythmic beat of the footsteps is a good representation of the overly tired mindset that comes with being unable to sleep.

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