263mc: Cut-Up 2

After creating the first cut-up, we were given another task to create a second video, but this time using found media from archive.org. Because we were allowed to use video, I decided to create a video montage using the montage techniques discussed in the previous session. I found footage from the Iraq war, and mixed it up with an old 1970’s advert for Texaco Oil. The advert talks about how the US imports 45% of their oil, and talks about how they plan to develop exploration and discovery of new sources of oil. There is obviously a lot of speculation about the reasons the US went to war in Iraq, with one of those being that they were simply searching for more sources of oil. This is something that I’ve tried to encompass in my montage video, but changing the feeling of the advert by incorporating montage techniques to isolate certain phrases, and placing images of conflict in the right areas. Below is the final cut up I created:


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