263mc Task 2: Mount Kimbe – Home Recordings

Mount Kimbie are some of my favourite experimental musicians, who have an extremely unique style. Dominic Maker and Kai Campos make up the London based due, who met while studying film at university. Its this knowledge of film and narrative that allows them to created really experimental music that can portray a vast series of emotions, and has allowed them to create distinctive music videos. One of the most memorable videos I have seen of theres is the video for Home Recordings, from the album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. This video incorporates multiple exposures and other similar techniques while syncing to the beat of the track, to create a really immersive experience. The track itself was creating using samplers and midi instruments, and incorporates looping beats and synths in a really unique way. The track is simple in nature with a clear intro, chorus and verse, but the mismatched construction of the audio samples and beats disguises this in such a way to give the song a very experimental feel. This is represented in the music video, by having mismatched and cut up video clips overlayed onto each other, to create a really surreal environment. The video however also uses a simple structure and narrative, with the opening and closing scenes showing trees, which then slowly progresses into a large city incorporating groups of people and then fades out into an empty forest scene. I like the way this video uses a simple narrative using experimental filming techniques, to create something that’s really visually appealing and immersive. Being visually and audibly immersive is something I believe to be incredibly important when exploring experimental narrative, and is something that I will attempt to perfect during this course.



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