252MC – Introduction

25MC – Digital Media is all about how people in the modern world communicate, and how that affects and will affect us as photographers. The world today is a very small place compared to hundreds of years ago, and that’s mostly thanks to an invention called the Internet. Below is a map of all the major internet cables across the globe.


It’s amazing how such an important communication network is supported by a few metal wires. There’s even a website instructing anyone that wants to, how to take down the internet for good! The link is here: http://gizmodo.com/5912383/how-to-destroy-the-internet But as it states in that article, this would be an act of inevitable suicide, as the entire globe runs on this mass network, and destroying or attempting to destroy it would put the entire world at war with you. Not what you want.

We have been tasked with creating our own website/webpage which we can use in the future to display our work and create a network of contacts. This will involve learning a specific coding language that will be incredibly useful in the future when looking for work.

One of our initial tasks was to compare 3 photographer’s websites on the following 3 topics:

– Accessability – How available something is to as many different people as possible.

– Useabiliy – How easy something is to use and learn.

– Findability – How easy the information on a website can be found.

Photographer 1 – Jeremy Hilder


The website would be difficult to find for someone who isn’t looking for this photographer specifically, as they are not as well known as many other London based photographers. The Accessability of the site is ok, but isn’t anything special. There arn’t any specific versions of the site for people with visual difficulties such as poor vision or dyslexia, however this may not be an issue due to the fact there is minimal text on each page. This site is good for findability because the information is easily found and the website itself is easily navigable

Photographer 2 – Jill Greenberg


This website is easily found as Jill Greenberg is a fairly famous photographer, and a google search found the website near the top of the list. The accessibility on the site isn’t brilliant due to the images all being very close together, and some being a lot smaller than others. This also makes finding the image that you want on the site quite difficult, as there are a few categories that can be used to refine results, but nothing truly specific.

Photographer 3 – Samuel Bradley


This website is by far the easiest to find due to the name being quite specific and unique. The layout of the website is simple and easily navigated through. However like the others it does lack accessibility features, but overall it compensates with clear images and easy to navigate menus. The images are found very easily and it’s easy to remember how to get to them.

Our second task was to find an image that had been altered to show something different, and this is the image we found:


In this image of the BP Oil, the image at the top is the altered image, and the one below is the original. BP have altered this image to make it look like there’s more activity in the control room than there actually is, to make it look like they are doing as much as possible to fix the problem. This is created to give BP a better image after the disaster, however the original image was leaked soon after the altered image was released. The image could have been made very easily in photoshop or any other image editing software.


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