250MC – Site-Specific – Reflective Statement

I chose map 6 because I wanted to observe the different historical periods of Coventry, both architecturally and culturally. To begin with I struggled to formulate a viable idea, I knew I wanted to do something big and something different, but finding a good idea that was in line with the brief proved difficult. eventually after much research and consideration, I decided on a photomontage style graphic novel video. I believe this to be a really good way of representing the great culture this city has to offer.

I am very pleased with my final piece, however I do believe that if I had more time I would enjoy taking this project much further. I would maybe conduct multiple interviews and combine real-time video footage with the graphic novel images to create a documentary style film about the city. I could accompany this with a full length graphic novel that links with the video, and would give the audience something physical to take home. I would like to have experimented further with the images before editing them, by trying different techniques such as time-lapse for example. If I was given the opportunity to re-do this project from the start, I would give myself more time for experimentation, and perhaps do some more in-depth research with members of the public, to give the project a more personal feel.

I set out with the intention of creating a unique piece of work that was very different from anything else I had created before. By combining the mediums of photography and video, I believe I have created a very interesting project that is unique to me. Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome of the project, and the quality of the piece produced. I believe it’s a good representation of the city in which I live and work, and will hopefully show others the different aspects of the city, and how beneficial it is to just stop and listen.


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