250MC – Site-Specific – Final Output

Here is a link to my final output video:


I believe my final piece is a good representation of map 6, and observes the modern and historical aspects of the city’s architecture and culture. I wanted to show the city in a new way, by creating an alternative reality and telling a story. By using the graphic novel style I believe I have achieved this well. The use of captions over the images creates a narrative as the viewer is guided around the different aspects of the city, all within the confines of the map, and the overlaid audio gives the images a new element that is unique to me. I have used my skills in digital image processing heavily in this project, as this is something that I am very interested in. I have also used inspiration from artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, as well as photographers/videographers such as Donovan Wylie, Jarret Schecter and Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller.

Donovan Wylie’s work titled ‘The Maze’, which I also used as examples in my essay task, was a great influence on my work. I really liked the topographical style of his photography (even though this isn’t something I have attempted to recreate in my work), and I was really inspired by his commitment to the work he was creating.


Jarret Schecter created a book titled ‘America Off Track’, which involved him taking a train journey across America from each station, and photographing his journey from the train window. I really liked how most of the images looked unprofessional and amateur, but then some would be framed perfectly and be really good photos on their own. Schecter managed to take the audience with him on this journey, by recording the images in sequence. This gave a real sense of narrative, something that I have recreated within my work.








Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller created a video project that guided the viewer around a train station in Kassel, Germany. The station was used during WW2 and contains a few historical items. The video is recorded on an iPhone (Which is then rented out with headphones) and the viewer is invited to follow in the footsteps of the artists as they commentate over the video. It creates a real sense of alternative reality, which is something that I have recreated within my work. By using graphic novel illustrations and comic book style captions, I have invited the audience to view the city from a different perspective.


This work is all about getting the viewer immersed in their own work, and listen to the noises around them as if they were really there. This is something that many people don’t do, especially if they are working or are walking through the town everyday. I have attempted to make people who are used to the City of Coventry, to take a new look on it as if they were tourists visiting a new city for the first time. This is the goal of most site-specific artists, to get the audience to take a new perspective on something they may be familiar with.



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