250MC – Graphic Novel Research

I’ve decided to use graphic novel style images in my final piece for this topic. To begin with I did some research on how to create this style of image in photoshop, as one of my main interests as a photographer is digital image manipulation. I was shown this video, which has proved to be incredibly useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0hgifNCpew I wouldn’t consider myself a reader of graphic novels or comics, and so I did some research into the layout and style. This would help me gain inspiration for the layout of my final work. To begin with I researched Sequential Art, and after a while I found a definition. “Sequential art refers to the art form of using a train of images deployed in sequence to graphic storytelling or convey information”. Its after reading this that I decided on how I would present my final images. I will create a scrolling storyboard of images in order, and have the locational audio playing over the top. As the images scroll across the centre of the image, the sound will change to match that location, as well as displaying a caption to put the image into context. I did a little further research, and came across a book called “Comics & Sequential Art” by Wil Eisner. In this book, Eisener writes;

“Comics deal with two major communicating devices, words and images…they are derivatives of a single origin and in the skilful employment of words and images lies the expressive potential of the medium” (1985: 13)

I believe this to be a good statement for the work I am trying to create. By correctly using captions with my images, I’ll be able to express the feelings I am trying to convey to the audience. By comparing the old and modern aspects of the city both architecturally and within society itself, and presenting it in a graphic novel style, I’m allowing the viewer to enter a world of imagination and reflection that shows the city in a very different light. Below are my final images that I will incorporate into the video:


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