250MC – Site-Specific – Idea Progression Overview

Here is my idea progression as I worked on my project:

Initial Idea: A video with overlaid audio, that the viewer can listen to with headphones. I wanted to create a fully immersive experience, that the viewer could listen to and watch at the same time. I really liked this idea, but decided in the end it wasn’t original enough to me, as I had recently watched the work of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and realised that my project would be very similar to theirs.

:http://vimeo.com/76766697 – My initial draft video titled “Listen”, which I created using footage I recorded at Coombe Abbey Country Park.

https://vimeo.com/80224672 – My secondary draft using images that were within the confines of the map I had chosen.

I then decided to adjust my idea so that the images were still, but still with the overlaid audio of ambient sound recordings. This would work well if presented on a projector and with a full speaker system (Such as the lecture hall), as the stereo recordings would make the viewers feel more involved within the space. I the decided to alter the images to look like graphic novels, after seeing this video:


I believe this idea will work well with my project, as it involves digital image manipulation which is something I am greatly interested in. It’s also something I haven’t really explored before in my own work, and will be a great new challenge for me.


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