250MC – Site-Specific – Maps

To begin with we were given a choice of maps from which to create our site-specific project. These were designed to be a starting point, and a way to introduce an idea. I chose to use map 6 which. This map contains a large number of historical sites, as well as modern university buildings including The Hub. This area allows for a good comparison of the old and new, with enough diversity to create an interesting project. I then went on to create an initial plan of the areas that I wanted to photograph, which were all places I thought would look interesting or had great historical significance. I drew rings on the map to help me remember the locations. After photographing these locations and re-working my idea, I decided to plan a route around the city to create a narrative. I came up with a route that incorporates many of the major landmarks of the city, as well as a few places that many people may not have realised were there. All 3 of these maps are shown below:



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