Creative Writing Task

I heard about it from my friends first. A joke maybe? It went viral on social networks, then confirmed by the news. Everyone in the house was glued to their computer screens. We never bought a TV license. Climate change, global warming, carelessness, ignorance. Call it what you want, we were doomed. There was a moment of disbelief. I felt so detached from the world, nothing big ever happened to me. As a child it was always the people on the TV that were in danger, never me. A flash flood in some far away country, other people in the world that I knew existed but would never meet. I started grabbing everything that I could, everything that was within reach. Trinkets, memories, pointless things. I have nothing to put them in. They said don’t drive you won’t get through the traffic. I couldn’t carry two guitars by myself, who would help? What about food and water, where am I even heading? I’ve forgotten about my housemates, like they’ve forgotten about me. Everyone’s in a rush trying to save themselves. I’d always thought I’d help others in a crisis, and think about myself last. But that’s not true. It’s the same for everyone. I stopped, sat down and just waited. It’s dark outside. It starts to rain.


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