250MC – Site Specific Photography – Idea Development

We have been given a task related to site specific photography, where we have to choose from a selection of map sections, and create a project within the boundaries of that area. I haven’t chosen my area yet, but I am beginning to develop my ideas.

I recently viewed a video project by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, which required viewers to visit a specific location and follow a pre-recorded video. This video can be found here: http://www.cardiffmiller.com/artworks/walks/bahnhof.html

The video is set in Kassel, Germany. The user is required to book out a video device and headphones on site in order to view the project, and are then guided through the old station by Cardiff and Miller. The viewer attempts to match what they are watching on the screen with their environment, as if they were filming the scene themselves. It’s an incredibly surreal event, as the real-time viewer watches a mixture of fact and fiction as if looking into another world.

I was very inspired by this project, and have decided to look into video work for my 250MC project. My idea is to create a video that the viewer can watch, and feel like they are in that place at that time. I plan to record a ‘still’ video by placing a camera on a tripod, and recording the ambient noises in that are. The video would then be stitched together in a way that the viewer can compare different areas that are within the same map section, with each clip being around 10-15 seconds long.

Below is a link to my first test of this idea, which I created when visiting Coombe Abbey Country Park in Coventry:



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