250MC – Site-Specific – List of Possible Research Ideas

I attended a lecture that was given for our site-specific project, which gave us the names of some projects and artists that might be of interest to us and/or provide inspiration for our projects. Here are my notes from this lecture:

250MC – Site Specific Lecture

On This Site:

  • Anchors history to a site/place
  • Uses text to describe the event that took place
  • Images very reliant on text

Terry Kurgan – Park

  • Photographers have specific area they can photograph
  • Takes image of photographer in their specific zone etc

Donovan Wyle – Maze 2009

  • Northern Ireland prison fro freedom fighters/terrorists
  • All prison rooms/exteriors photographed the same way
  • Magnum Photographer
  • nominated for city bank prize

Peter Fraser – City In The Mind 2008-2012

  • Poetic response to the city
  • (invisible Cities) book inspiration – Fictional conversation with Marco Polo by Italo Calvino
  • Emotional response of a city
  • ‘Porthole to another world’

Suky Best – The Return of the Native

  • Native animals dying out
  • Wanted to reintroduce native speciies to the environment digitally
  • Info given about the species
  • Most of the work done around Battersea Park
  • Also shot in the fens
  • Each species specific to the geometry

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark

  • wanted to photograph destructive nature of British night scene
  • Showing range of emotions
  • A regular occurrence
  • Shot digitally with available light
  • ‘Intense Documentary’
  • British Drinking Culter not at its best

Patrick Shanahan – Esperantis

  • Private landscape work
  • Photographed in an ‘uncanny’ way
  • Move away from tourism
  • Make the familiar unfamiliar
  • All taken along the coast of portugal and spain
  • Shows differences and similarities
  • Post Topographical
  • Makes the real look surreal

Melanie Manchot – Stories From Russia 2004

  • Shot in famous historical sites in Russia
  • Illegal to take images in public sites?
  • Convinced locals to pose for her photographs
  • performance Portraiture
  • Interacting with the landscape rather than observing it

Corrine Silva – Imported Landscapes 2010

  • Geography of North Africa and Southern Spain
  • Documents the changes in the economics of the countries
  • Photographed new developments in north Africa, photographed onto billboards in Southern Spain
  • How do you relate to your space?

Susan Hiller – From the Freud Museum 1991-1996

  • Intervenes in a site and makes you think about the contents of a site
  • Rethinks how you think of the space
  • Anthology of 50 objects
  • Loosely related to believe systems
  • Mixed cultural symbols with others
  • Displayed as a museum piece


Tristan Hutchinson – It Took Strength to Tackle Those Hills 2010-2012

  • Scrutinises the reality of being in a poor town at uncertain times
  • shows a different image of Northern Ireland
  • Focuses on the impact of the recession
  • Damp/dark/bland images
  • ‘End of the earth’ style images

Jeanette Lowe – The Flats Memories Perceptions Relities

  • Shows council blocks
  • Photographs the inhabitants of the sites
  • Displays the images in the areas they live

Susanne Bosch – Ourselves Alone

  • Photographs homogenous nature of cities
  • Took out things that are specific to the city
  • Iconic symbols removed etc

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller – Site Specific Walks video

  • Revisits sites to examine routines of the public
  • Learns the activities in certain areas
  • Reproduced in video
  • Viewers follow pre-recorded video in specific locations
  • Examinies similarities in the locations
  • cardiffmiller.com – Alter Bahnhot Video Walk

HOUSE – Ongoing collaboration between 3 artists and 6 artists in London

  • housemcdonaldwatson
  • Makes audience uncomfortable in a specific place

Sophie Calle –

  • Wanted to create a piece of work to re-integrate with Paris after a long stay away
  • Put herself in place of the members of the public
  • Followed people around their lives
  • ‘No artistic aim’
  • Followed one man from Paris to Viennna
  • Taking the same photos as he took
  • Photographed ‘Their Mutual Journey’
  • Observed people’s rituals
  • Became obsessed with this man

Taryn Simon – An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar – 2007

  • Visually represents people’s common problems
  • Very academic
  • Researches specific sites before/after photographing

Questions answers:

  • Work must be fit for purpose of what you’re exploring
  • Amount of images varying depending on how it’s presented
  • Work will be presented in a group of 10 people
  • What brought you to make the work?
  • The journey taken?
  • Medium is open
  • Must be linked to one space

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