Summer Task – Task 1 (Portraits)

Approaching these two portraits required considerable thought, as the theme for each was quite different. One was to take a portrait of someone we knew, and one of someone we didn’t. It sounds simply, but not when considered carefully.

Taking a portrait of someone you know well is fairly simply, as the feeling is relaxed and fun. This is why I have chosen a more artistic approach to my first portrait, as I felt I could manipulate the subject easily, and so could experiment with my image. To begin with I discussed my idea of the image with the model (my friend Shaynie), and we both agreed that the idea of a double exposure image would make a good portrait. I decided to use trees and birds in this image, as I believe they reflect the model’s ‘free’ personality. Taking this image required a lot of planning and thought, especially in the post production.

This is something that differed when I thought about taking the second portrait, one of someone I don’t know, as I felt I didn’t really have the option of discussing the image with the subject. This was because I’d decided to take the image while walking around town, and seeing what (or who) caught my eye. I found this style of street photography much more difficult, as it required a lot of confidence to photograph a stranger in the street. After walking around for a long time and taking a handful of good images, I finally settled on one I was happy with.

I was quite surprised about how many differences there were in the planning stage of each image, with the final outcomes having very few similarities. I prefer the first image of the subject I knew, as I felt I had more control over how it looked and the final outcome.

Below are the images that I took:

Part 1

Part 1: Someone I know.

Part 2

Part 2: Someone I don’t know.


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