Summer Tasks: Task 1 – Portraits Part A (Research)

For our summer break we were given a number of tasks to complete, so that we were prepared for the next year of work and could get back into the rhythm of working. The first task was to produce two portraits; one of someone you know and another of someone you don’t. I decided to split this task in two, and create two separate images with their own particular styles. To begin with, I did some basic research on portrait artists.

I first found a photographer called Chris Gloag (A link to his work can be found here ). He works a lot with celebrities, and some of his images were very interesting. however I didn’t find many of them particularly inspiring, especially as I was trying to create something different.

However, Gloag’s use of lighting is quite interesting, and so I decided to look for interesting uses of light to inspire my images. I came across a style of images that I had looked at briefly before, which was double exposure. Here is a link to Sara K Byrne’s work.

Typically done on a film camera, the technique can be achieved using modern image processing software. The images are laid over the top of one another, with the dark areas of one image (In this case, the dark areas of the faces) being filled in by the light areas of the image behind. Below are my favourite of her images:

I really like this technique, and so I used these images to inspire my own double exposure portraits. I researched a few videos on how to perfect this technique, which can be found here:


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