Film Review: The Woodsman and the Rain

The woodsman and the rain is about a lumberjack (Kôji Yakusho), who accidentally gets involved in the creation of a film by a rookie director (Shun Oguri). The film depicts the lumberjack as a simple man, who enjoys his job and is knowledgeable of the forest that he works in. The director appears asking him to keep quiet, and he eventually gets involved as an extra in the movie. The film has a running theme of a dysfunctional relationship between the lumberjack and his son, while he slowly becomes friends with the films young and incredibly shy director. After a while he progresses through the ranks of the film crew, until he becomes a major influence in its production.

The film has a lot of comedy elements, especially as the film they are shooting is a zombie apocalypse movie, which added a whole different dimension to the film. There are emotional moments too, as the lumberjack becomes more attached to film and wants to see it finished, but not so much to make it soppy. He provides support for the rookie director, and helps to get the movie finished when the director loses faith. The camera work is particularly good in some scenes, rivalling that of some mainstream western films which to some may be a surprise. One of the things I didnt like about the film however, was the length overall. There were a few points in the film where it could have finished, and a few parts could have been taken out without any loss of story to the viewer. Apart from this the film overall was very good.

I would recommend this film to anyone, with its clever humor and funny characters it’ll make for some good entertainment.


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