Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity – Music

For the Personal Professional Development module, we were given the assignment of demonstrating an artefact informed by an extra curricular activity. I am very involved in creating music outside of university, and so have chosen a few songs that I have either recorded myself, or been involved in as part of a band or project.

I started teaching myself to play bass guitar at the age of 15, as I was always interested in learning a musical instrument. I have recently started to teach myself to play electric guitar as well, which has helped me when recording on my solo projects. I am very passionate about music, with it being a big hobby and interest in my life. Below is a link to the EP we recorded with my band The Manhattan Witness:

The band then split up, and the rhythm guitarist and I created an instrumental band called Lights In The Night Sky. Below is the like to the EP we created:

I’ve then began working on a solo project doing covers of my favourite songs, but putting my own twist on them. This is currently a work in progress, as I am looking for a vocalist to add lyrics over the top. Here is a link to one of the current works:

I have chosen the music I create as an artefact, because I believe it is the biggest activity other than photography, that I participate in outside of university. I am constantly learning new things and refining my playing skills, and so I hope in the future music becomes more than just a hobby, and maybe becomes part of my career.




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