Task 2 – Pin-Hole Images

This task was all about investigating a area/space when it is devoid of human presence. Because we were using pin-hole, I knew that I would be using long exposure, with my camera needing around 50-60 seconds to expose an image. This meant that if I was photographing moving people and cars, then they wouldn’t appear on the image and would create a ‘ghost-town’ style image. This is similar to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work in the theatres, where he took an exposure for an entire film, with the screen becoming a blank white space, and the audience disappearing.

For my final images, I positioned the camera facing areas that are normally busy, such as the entrance to the Ellen Terry Building, the walkway past the hub towards the Cathedrals, a pedestrian crossing and one of the large ‘shared spaces’ which is used a lot by cars and buses. Below are my final images:

I chose to frame the images using a black border in the darkroom, as I thought this gave them a vintage feel. I plan to store the work in a simple black box, which gives the images more of an ‘artefact’ feel. I am very pleased with how these image have turned out, because they look very surreal without people in the shots, especially as they are during the daytime.

I like how they show the spaces in a different way, and make you appreciate or examine the architecture of the spaces. I also like how they have a ‘vintage’ feel about them, as if they are historical archived photos. To improve these images, I would probably spend more time working out the correct focal distance of my camera, and maybe improve the aperture to ensure they are sharper. I would also attempt to make the images bigger, maybe using a larger camera.

These images are definitely an improvement on my original test shots, especially after swapping the old cardboard aperture with one made from tin foil.

Crossing CathedralHub EllenTerry Campbell


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