Task 5 – Easter Holiday Task Reviewed

How Has My Understanding of Light Changed?

After reviewing my easter holiday work, I have decided that my understanding of light as a physical think haven’t changed, but my understanding of its uses in photography have. I have always had a slight understanding of the science behind light, and now I have an understanding of it’s compositional uses within photography. Before I examined images of Picasso and other artists that have had portraits taken, and simply commented on the light that was visible. Now however, I can speculate as to the style of equipment they used, or the time it took to set up the image having experienced using lights myself. I now also understand what an impact the understanding of light and the use of light in photography has had on the art world over the centuries. From very early black and white photographs, artists could examine scenes like never before and scientists could examine how light is affected by certain things. Artists and photographers could show people how they see the world through their lenses, and paintings began to look more and more like photographs and a factual view of the world, rather than an interpretation.

One of the tasks for the easter homework was to create a pin-hole camera. While I had known of pin-hole cameras before, I had never had a go at making my own. I understood the basic physics behind the camera, but now I can explain different adaptations that can benefit the images, which now helps me to pre-visualize my images more. Thanks to that, I can now pre-visualize how light will act in all of my images whether I’m shooting outdoors with no equipment, or in the studio with lighting rigs and reflectors.

How Has My Practice Developed During This Module?

I believe my practice has greatly improved during this module, when it comes to pre-visualisation and using equipment such as a light meter which I didn’t often use previously. I have also become technically better with the equipment, and understanding f-stops. The studio sessions have helped me to expand my options when it comes to tasks in the future, as previously I never thought of using the studio, simply because I wasn’t that skilled in the equipment. I now plan my shots more carefully, and think about different ways to express what I am trying to show. I believe in the future I will try to be more creative in my use of light, and to try and experiment with different things that I haven’t done before.

By doing the instruction manual task, it’s made me improve my communication skills, as it was important to make sure people can understand the manual when reading it. To improve my work, I think I need to research more photographers to get a better understanding of how they use light, and how that can influence my work. So far I believe that’s the only thing that’s letting me down, is my knowledge (or lack of) of other photographers work.

I am proud of the work I have produced this module, as I believe it’s a great improvement on my previous work, especially when it comes to portraiture and other studio works. In the next year I hope to improve my presentation of work skills, and come up with some interesting and unique ways of mounting and printing work.


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