Task 3 – Final Images and Review

Here are my final images for task 3, as they are without frames:

I’m very happy with how these images have turned out, and I believe they give a good insight into Shaynie’s personality.

GuitarA4The first image in the series is a diptych of Shaynie playing guitar. To light this shot, I used a single flash shot through a white umbrella attachment, which gave me a softer spread of light. I metered the light at around f11, with a shutter speed of 125 and an iso of 100. I then pushed the aperture up by 1 stop, which then gave me a good exposure of the subject and also the wall behind. I took several shots while she played through some songs, and got some that I was happy with. After a while I asked her to just sit with the guitar without playing it, and I took a few more shots but they looked too serious, as I was trying to capture Shaynie’s creative and outgoing personality. Eventually she got a little embarrassed from the shoot and from a couple of badly timed shots I had taken, and I managed to capture the image on the right of the diptych. I really like these images because they are taken naturally, without having to ask the subject to pose in a specific way. This meant that the subjects personality comes through from the images naturally.

WindowA4The second portrait in the series is more set-up than the first. This time I wanted get some images of the subject in her room surrounded by her possessions. We were talking about the big window she had in her room, and how it’s great for watching the stars in the summer, and so I decided to position the subject sitting in the window. I took a lot of images of her reading and looking out of the window, but the problem was that I couldn’t get the angle right for the light to illuminate the face as well as the room. So I asked her to turn around and lean naturally on the wall to her left. Using the umbrella attachment, a shutter speed of 125 and an aperture of around f11.

For the object shots, I decided to used a snoot adapter on the flash, which would create a spotlight-style effect on the images. By doing this I could pick out certain objects within the subjects room that I felt stood out. I believe this made for more interesting images, and meant that they could link better to the other portrait shots when compared to the same objects isolated in the studio. To take these images I used a shutter speed of 125, with the flash very close to the object. I light metered the scene without a flash first (Which came to an aperture of around f11). I then metered the scene again with the flash on medium power and with the snoot adapter, to ensure the object I was focusing on was perfectly exposed, and the background was very underexposed.

OwlA5This image of the owl doorstop is by far my favourite of all the object images. I like how the harshness of the light picks out the detail within the object, and creates silhouettes and shadows of other objects in the background. I also like how the guitar is present again, and could almost be a running theme through the entire series.

BooksA5The next image is of some books on the top of a bookcase. I tried not to isolate just one book, and so angled the flash slightly more parallel to the scene, which illuminated more than one.

DvdsA5I used the same technique when photographing some DVDs. Watching films is a key part of being a media production student, and so I thought this would be a fitting image to have in this series. This is my least favourite image of all, as it was very difficult to take due to the cases on the DVDs being so reflective. however I believe I have still produced a good-looking image.

Overall I am very pleased with the work I have produced for this task, and I believe it shows Shaynie’s personality well. I plan to mount these images in simple white frames, so not to draw attention from the images themselves.


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