Outdoor Studio Workshop

After learnig the equipment and how to use it in the studio, we were then tasked to create some images outside using the portable lights available to us. We were split into groups, with each group having on 500K light, with a soft-box and battery. We also took some reflectors with us, with a large white reflector, a silver reflector and a gold reflector available to us.

To begin with, we set up our equipment in one of Coventry’s old gateways. This was a dark area, with bright sunlight outside. This first image is with a soft-box positioned to the right of the subject, set to a low flash. We light metered the light in the background so that it wasn’t too washed out when we took the photo. This gave us an aperture reading of f20, and a shutter speed of 125 due to the flash having to be synced.

IMG_7191_2 lighting-diagram-1368520729

In this next image we used a white reflector to illuminate the subject, using the same settings as before. The background is still exposed well, but the light across the subject is now more even.

IMG_7181_2 lighting-diagram-1368520792

We then went on to use two subject in a more naturally illuminated space. We set one subject under a tree that cast a shadow across the face, with the other subject in the distance illuminated by bright sunlight. To ensure both of the subjects were illuminated and exposed correctly, we took a light reading off the subject in the distance, as this was the light that we couldn’t control (sunlight). We then set the soft-box to illuminate the subject in the foreground, which would make the image balanced when the light meter gave the same reading from each subject.

IMG_7214 lighting-diagram-1368520873

Doing these tasks has helped me to understand the importance of using a light meter when photographing subjects. It saves a lot of ‘trial and error time’ and can act as a reference for when that same image or a similar image is needed again.


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