Task 2 – Progression

I took a lot of test photos when developing my pin-hole camera. This was to ensure that when I was to take my final images, they were of the best quality possible. Below are the first set of images I created, with the first version of my camera.




These images are of very poor quality, but it was good practice for exposure and technique. These images were an exposure of around 25 seconds, due to the aperture being quite large. They’re not in focus because the aperture was cut into cardboard, rather than tin foil. This is something I plan to improve on. I will also make the camera more light proof to avoid any unwanted light leaks into the images.

The next set of images are after I improve the seals of the camera, to avoid any light leaks. I also improved the paper mount in the back of the camera, which helped to  frame the images better.



The next set of images is after I created a new aperture and shutter, using tin foil and a thicker piece of card for the shutter. These images are much improved from my previous images, and I believe the camera is as good as it can get, with the resources and time that I have.





This final set of images are my darkroom test strips and other test images for my final pin-hole photos. They show great improvement from the original images that I took with the mrk 1 camera.








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