Task 3 – Research/Plan

Before I began task 3, I had to choose a subject that I wanted to talk about through my photos. I chose my friend Shaynie Steele, and decided to focus on her love of film and music, and her creativeness. To start with, we had to produce 2 portrait shots of the subject, using lighting equipment from the university. I thought about doing the shots in the studio, but then decided to do them at the subjects house. I believe doing this would add a more personal feel to the images, and allow the viewer a closer insight into the subjects life.

I plan to use either a soft-box to take the portraits, or a white umbrella adapter. The advantage of using the umbrella is that it’s much smaller than the soft-box, and so would be easier to place when on location. Also, there is a wider spread of light from the umbrella when the light is flashed through it, whereas the box would still be fairly specific when used close to the subject.

We also have to produce 3 object shots that show the subjects character. I immediately began thinking of objects in the studio on the infinity curve, and how they wouldn’t have much connection to the subject, other than the images would be displayed together. So I’ve decided to produce the images in the subjects house as well, in the same places they would normally be in. This creates a more personal feeling when viewing the objects, and puts them into context with the other images.


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