Introduction to Lighting Software/Studio Layout

The 152 module, which I’m undertaking at the moment, involves a lot of work in the studio and with new equipment that I haven’t used before. This includes studio lights, which can be complicated to use if you haven’t used them before. There is also a great element of ‘Pre-Visualisation’ in this module, meaning that we should begin to imagine how the image will look like before we take the photo. To help us do this with studio images, we were introduced to some software that helps you create lighting diagrams for the studio. The software is free to use on Below is an example of what a lighting diagram is:


The diagram shows a virtual studio, where the photographer can place different objects in any position to record what lighting they used. For example in this image I have used a DSLR camera, a strobe light with a soft-box attached (left) and a white reflector (right). The subject is shown in the middle. I have also included the large infinity curve, which is currently in position in the studio.

This is an incredibly useful tool for when I’m shooting in the studio, as it allows me to record what lighting I used if I want to recreate that photo. I can also add in notes later in Photoshop, such as the camera settings, light settings and anything else that I might need to know should I need to recreate this image.


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