Assignment 1 – Critical Analysis

I think my assignment 1 has gone well, and I am pleased with the final outcome of the photobook. I started out with a very complicated idea using a digital photobook, but after doing a lot fo research into the different techniques required to do this, and having trouble finding a suitable place to host the .gif files, I decided to change my idea to my secondary idea, which was to create tilt-shift images of Coventry. I chose the category City Regeneration as I’ve always had an interest in architectural and structural photography, and I thought I could link this well with the text by Fred Ritchin, ‘The Pixelated Press’.

I began thinking about how images can be manipulated to show something very different, as this was the topic discussed in the text, and how I can link image manipulation to the topic of City Regeneration. I came up with the idea of tilt-shifting images after looking for different ways to edit an image in photoshop. I think the images came out well, and the process became simple with repetition. I like how the images fit together well because they’re edited in the same style, and I think they represent the theme of City Regeneration as they’re all of areas and buildings in Coventry that are either redeveloped or listed. I also think the images are quite fun and unique, and the viewer will question wether the images are of a real city or of a model city. This then ties it in the with the text I was studying.

To improve the project, I would probably have spent a bit more money to create a hardback book simply because I prefer the look of hardback books to soft covers. By doing this, the book would become more of an artifact, and I could maybe have included various other items as a ‘Package’ to accompany the book. I could also have spent a little longer investigating the nature of the listed buildings and redeveloped areas to find out more history about them, and maybe enhance the book in that way.


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