Assignment 2 – Critical Analysis

For assignment 2, I chose to create a film about my personal obsession with driving. I enjoyed this assignment much more than the photo book assignment, because I felt I could show people more about myself, and practice using equipment I had never used before. To begin with I had to plan the script of the film and storyboard it, so that I knew which shots I had to take and so I could keep track of my work. I think I did this well, because I wasn’t so strict to sticking to the script, which meant that I had more freedom when filming. This meant I could work on my project in a more relaxed way, which I believe produced much better results. I like how the film turned out, and I think it looks professional and poetic, and depicts my story well. I enjoyed editing the video and I like how I managed to match the sequences of footage with the music that I chose. This gives the film an easier narrative to follow, and makes it more pleasing to watch.

I felt it easier to make a film about something related to myself rather than a topic about another person or group or people, but this did mean that it might be more difficult to explain to someone else. Something about me that I think is obvius, might not be so obvious to others. This meant that I had to create a few drafts of my video before creating the final piece. This meant that I could get feedback on different sections of the film and see what people pick up from it. This then helped me to improve on my ideas, and prooduce a better film.

To improve, I think I would have invested in some more advanced equipment so that I could film more shots without worrying about damaging the camera. I would have shot more footage of the outside of the car using a special mount, which I think could’ve given the film more action. I could also have improved my research by finding other student films, and seeing how they create good films with a limited budget.


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