Tilt-Shift Images – First Drafts

I recently took images for my final draft of Assignment 1. I now have to decide which images I wish to edit down to, as the brief suggests we have 13-18 images in the photobook. Here are all my final, edited images:

As some of these images are duplicates of the same scene, I had to go through them and pick out the ones that worked well. I was looking for the images that had the best Tilt-Shift look, as well as the images that had the best composition. I had to also think about how these images would fit together in a photobook, with some only working on their own, and others working as a double page spread. I looked at some photobooks from the library to help me get a better idea of sequencing. I picked out Andrew Cross – Along Some American Highways, as I like the idea of Typography style American Road photography. This work can be found here: http://www.andrewcross.co.uk/website/still_some_highways.html

In these images, cross linked images together so they were asthethcially pleasing, as well as having them in an order that makes sense. there was also an image of a large warehouse, which was almost panoramic and split across two pages. The images in this series worked well together, but would be difficult to exhibit on their own due to their typographical nature. This is also something that I might have to consider in the future, will these images be able to stand out on their own if they were published in a gallery for example?


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