Film Storyboard/Plan

To make sure I can keep track of my filming and to ensure I have planned everything out, I created a storyboard of the shot’s I’m going to use. I first wrote the plan down and then drew the shots out on paper.


  1. DAY Walking across car-park, camera follows me to car
  2. Shot from inside the car of me getting in and driving away, music starts and titles.
  3. Wing Mirror
  4. Back left window
  5. Daytime Time-lapse
  6. Right Side
  7. Rearview Mirror
  8. Daytime Time-lapse
  9. Steering Wheel
  10. Rear Window
  11. Daytime Time-lapse
  12. Dollie pan across front of car in carpark
  13. Dollie pan along right side of car from front to back
  14. Dollie pan along badges of car, right to left
  15. Dollie pan left to right of full car, front right headlight
  16. Timelapse of sunset
  17. NIGHT Shot of me turning up radio, broadcast overlay from drag racing??
  18. Repeat shots 3 – 11 but in the dark/at night
  19. In carpark, car seen turning in to carpark in the distance
  20. Rearview Mirror
  21. Carpark, car getting closer to camera
  22. Left Wingmirror
  23. Carpark, car getting closer to camera
  24. Right Wingmirror
  25. Carpark, car pulls up under streetlight to camera, focused on right headlight, turn off engine + Lights. Music begins to fade
  26. Car under streetlight in full frame, I get out of car. Music faded. I lock door and walk out of shot. Camera fades to black.
  27. Credits.

After I began filming however, I found that I didn’t stick to the storyboard plan exactly, as I came up with better ideas as I was going along. I don’t think this was a bad thing, as I used the storyboard as a basic outline and improved on it as I went along. I found this to be a better way of working, because I didn’t have the stresses of sticking to the storyboard and so I felt better about the footage I was creating.


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