Assignment 1 – Basic Ideas/Experiments

Creating the moving .gif images requires a lot of work, and so recently I tested out the camera settings in some of the rough locations I plan to use for my assignment one images. I researched some artists and photographers that had used moving images before, especially timelapse images. I came across a photographer/videographer called Ollie Larkin, who creates time lapses for corporate projects. Here is a link to his website

I also had a look at Noah Kalina’s loop work, where he used looped videos to create images, in a similar way to how I may use them. Here is a link to the work:

But after creating some looped gif files, I started looking into how to make them into a digital photobook, which proved very difficult. Most of the photobook and ebook websites don’t support the .gif file format, and while it would be possible to create a dedicated website to host my own digital photobook, I don’t think I have the necessary skills to do this in time.

So I started looking into my other idea, which was to create images that looked liked models using a tilt-shift effect. I looked at an artist called Richard Silver, who has done an extensive project dedicated to tilt-shift images, which he has called “Tilt-Shifting The World”, this project can be found here; It consists of various tilt-shift images, of different locations around the world. I thought this would be a good idea, so I produced a few test shots of the town centre:

I think these images have worked well, but how do they fit with the text I’ve chosen and my theme of City Regeneration? In the text, Ritchin writes “Certainly subjects have been told to smile, photographs have been staged, and other such manipulations have occurred, but now the viewer must question the photograph at the basic level of fact”. I intend to make the viewer question wether the images I have taken are real or not, and if they are photos of a model or a real location but edited in post production.

I plan to find areas in Coventry that I have seen be regenerated, or buildings that are listed and so wouldn’t be demolished or developed. I will then photograph these places and create miniature, tilt-shift images.


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