Researching Film and Techniques

Before creating my film, I wanted to get an idea of different filming techniques and shots that I could use in my project. I began watching films related to my idea, such as Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive”. In this film, the main character spends a lot of the film either driving or in a car, and the shots used are very clever in the way they’re able to look good as well as show something about the character. A lot of these shots are filmed within the car, and the viewer occasionally feels like they are there with the character, driving the streets of LA. Unfortunately, I can’t include screenshots of the film on my blog due to copyright issues.

The clever thing about these shots, were that they were filmed inside the car on a fixed mount, so there was no shake and the camera moved with the car, keeping the interior of the car still but blurring the outside as the car moved. To do this with my film, I had to adapt a couple of tripods and use large wire ties in order to keep the tripod steady. I then researched professional camera car mounts, that attach onto the side panel of a car using suction pads, but I found these to be too expensive, and not worth buying for one project.

I researched different film shooting techniques, and came across various articles about shooting a low budget film. This si one of them

In this article, they describe how to film with a DSLR camera against a full sized moving image camera. This was extremely useful, as I would be shooting my entire film on a DSLR camera. The article says to Embrace Your Limitations, and is followed by “When Lipes shot Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture in Dunham’s parents’ white-walled apartment, he and Dunham decided to embrace the location’s colorlessness”. This is a useful tip for creating a low budget film, because I wouldn’t be able to shoot in a purpose built set, because I didn’t have the time or money. It was also useful because I am a complete novice when it comes to editing moving footage, as it’s not as easy to do as still images. By using the available light I will be able to create a more realistic, documentary style film, while still being able to tell a poetic story.


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