Mounted Work – Final Images

Here are the final images that I created for this project, along with an evaluation of how I think the project went, and how I can improve it if I were to do it again. Below are the pieces that I created:

Image 1: Path

This image is my favourite out of the whole series. It shows a group of people following a line painted on the growd, which leads to the train station. I was stood in this spot for a long time and found it amusing that everyone was following this line, mainly because it was one of the main pathways from the town to the station. I feel this image represents the need for instruction and to be guided by authority. I like how the tone and contrast in this image make the figures silouhetted and the shadows on the growd stand out well.

Image 2: Cameras

I created this triptych to point out the amount of security and cctv cameras that are constantly watching us. When taking these images I was surprised how unique each camera was, and how many strange and unusual places some of these were located. I think this image brings a feeling of the topographics movement to my work, as the subjects could be considered mundane if they were on their own. That’s why I have made these into a triptych, so that the images become more interesting.

Image 3: Watching

This image shows a large group of people all watching a police insident that I was also photographing at the time. I like how all of the subjects are looking at something that is off to the right of the image, as it makes the viewer wonder what’s happening. I like how this image portrays the “herd mentality” that happens often with large groups of people.

Image 4: Rebel

This is the only real portrait image in the whole project. I thought that I should include the rebellious side of conformity and so I captured these two images, one of my friend and one of a motorcycle, and then created a diptych out of them as I felt they fitted together well. I like how the subject is looking into the camera, as if they are trying to communicate with the viewer and show that they are rebellious or different from others.

Image 5: Impatient

This image shows a man cycling down the road, with a car behind trying to get past. This image was timed almost perfectly, because as I took the picture the car driver flashed their headlights in response to the man on the bike pulling in front of him. I like how the focus is on the car behind the cyclist, as it is a more interesting point of focus.

Image 6: Guided

I created another diptych with these images, as I believe they show the same subject. The people in these images are again being guided by signs and lines that are in their environment, and shows how dependant some people are on instructions. I like in the image at the bottom, how none of the people in the shot are facing the camera and could represent the faceless attitude of the “herd mentality”.

Image 7: Police Bike

This image is of a Police Cyclist who was walking down the street with his bike. This was a quick snap and I like how it came out. I like how the policeman is slightly faceless which could represent some people’s attitude towards the police and authority, as just being some kind of faceless law.

Image 8: Police

This is a triptych of the police incident that I was photographing. In this image there is a good contrast between the subjects of the images. The first image shows a woman on her smartphone standing next to a large group of police cars. This to me seemed slightly ironic and reflects the modern age that we live in. The second image is an action shot of a speeding police car. I like this image because the background is in focus and still, but the movement of the police car has been captured very well and gives a sense of action. This final images contrasts with the previous, as it shows a group of policemen standing near a doorway with no real sense of action or danger. I like how this image is composed, as it shows the staircase in the background that the police men were previously walking up and down.

Image 9: Policemen

This is an advancement on the idea of the law being “faceless” to some people. I like how the image is composed with the policemen standing not really guarding anything, and the people in the background not really paying them any attention, which could show how there’s less respect for figures of authority in today’s society.

Image 10: Signs

This is the final image of the project, and depicts groups of signs around the city. I put these images together into a triptych as I believe they work better together rather than individually. These images all show how these signs are put up everywhere, but people rarely notice them. My favourite image of these 3 is the image in the centre, where the woman has walked past this wall covered in signs without really noticing them.

I like how this project has turned out and I’ve enjoyed exploring the idea of conformity in society. I Think if I were to improve on this topic I would spend more time trying to gain access to places such as police stations and security offices so that I can see a different insight into this different world, and compare what the public perceive to what actually happens.


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